Monday, February 20, 2006

Solihull council rubbish

I was walking from Merton House to Chelmsley Wood

behind the new Chelmsley Wood medical centre

Solihull council is the land owner

but time they bought a footpath sweeping machine

Bennetts Well Junior and Infant School

has a shiny new fence and a nature corner

BBC NEWS Education League Tables Primary schools in Solihull: "Bennetts Well Junior and Infant School" comes at the very bottom
Woodclose Road, Fordbridge, Birmingham, B37 5ABTel: 0121 7882198
TYPE: Community school AGES: 3-11


5.9% authorised (4.5% locally, 5.1% nationally)

1.2% unauthorised (0.4% locally, 0.4% nationally)

this school was inspected on 11 Nov 2002.
Bennetts Well Junior and Infant School inspection report pdf

Children enter the school with poor speaking and listening skills and although the teachers in the nursery and reception classes develop these well, by the time pupils leave the school, standards are still well below average. A large number of the pupils use a limited vocabulary, speak in simple sentences and do not adapt their speech sufficiently to suit different audiences and

AND THIS IS EXACTLY HOW THE INNER BIRMINGHAM "SLUM" SCHOOLS WERE IN THE 1930IES AND 1950IES when my mother was teaching in Dixon Road before the slums were torn down.

The Danes call this the "social legacy" and are doing their best to break this down.

This is a european problem.


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