Tuesday, January 03, 2006

140 steps

an empty Baileys bottle greeted me when I came out to take some aerobic exercise

and old carpets

I have 42 steps to climb on my aerobic exercise

the tenth floor is 140 steps on the stairs above Crabtree Drive

to discourage crack smokers the stairs to the roof have been caged in

the graffiti says

it survived the Tuesday clean up

I stepped carefully over the dog excrement - cleaned up today, but replaced by urine in a corner

this childish graffiti has gone now

the last flight of 14 stairs from first to ground floor has a better finish

Solihull community housing

now to climb 98 steps back to my home, after 70 steps and arriving on the fifth floor, I am breathless and must stop until my heart rate falls.

When I get back I feel really good but so far I have forgotten to time my work outs.


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